Erik Westerdahl

Service Designer & Digital Concept Designer

Erik Westerdahl

Digital Concept Designer

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design at Konstfack, Sweden.
Service Designer & Digital Concept Designer at Transformator Design (2 years).

Co-Founder & Owner at Viltra Designstudio AB (4 years).

30 under 30 – The best tech executors in Sweden.
One of ten winners in the category ”Top 10 Designers/UX”.

"Erik is an outstanding designer with great knowledge and work ethic. He is a great model for others to follow. (...) It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Erik without reservation."

− Griselda Sastrawinata, Visual Development Artist - DreamWorks

"Erik is always ready to work, always punctual, he is independent, smart, flexible and articulate. He often had to make split second decisions and was always a team player."

− Linn Ullmann, Founder & fmr. Artistic Director - The Bergman Estate Foundation

"Erik is not afraid of anything. He is really sharp, sees things, acts and executes instantly."

− Pernilla Dahlman, CEO - Screen Interaction
Area of Expertise

Service Design
Holistic analytical ability to understand complex services and identify the clients challenges and opportunities based on customer insights, internal knowledge and collected data.

Concept Design
Specialized in the field of customer & internal insight driven Concept Design, through Service Design & User Experience Design methods, iteration, innovation and prototyping.

Creating a new area of design expertise by merging the two design principles of Service Design and User Experience Design into ”Service Experience Design” (SxD).

It’s a common misunderstanding that people don’t know what they want. They do, but at a very basic level. They have needs, driving forces, expectations, behaviours and knowledge. Mapping these five characteristics creates conditions for innovating with true human value. The failure of doing so creates useless services, products and strategies that are all doomed to fail.


Service providers has the knowledge and data about their customers and are constantly working on improvements. It is of great importance to gather and understand this aggregated information to take the service experience to the next level.


People are willing to gain knowledge, change behaviours, extend their expectations, enhance their driving forces and create needs. Creating innovative solutions based upon true human value will make that change and create great services, products and strategies that people choose, love and recommend.


In order to fully understand the customer and how changes will affect the experience of a service, creating minimum viable prototypes has proven to be a great way of exploring potential solutions without harming the service experience. Iterating these prototypes with real customers creates invaluable feedback for further development.


Nothing is perfect from the beginning, not even with the knowledge of what creates great human value. The solution needs to be tested and refined over the course of time. There is no such thing as ”done”. We live in a world of constant change with an technological exponential growth, and failing fast has therefore proven to be a great way of exploring and refining the service, product or strategy.


Fastna inte i UX-Paradoxen

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Fastna inte i UX-Paradoxen
User experience (UX) och service design kompletterar varandra. Där service design tar ett holistiskt grepp går UX på djupet. Det är därför viktigt att börja i rätt ände så att du inte fastnar i UX-paradoxen, det vill säga skapa en tjänst som ingen vill använda.

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