My name is Erik Westerdahl and I'm a Senior Service Designer, working at Daytona. I've been working with Service Design since 2012, and done a lot of projects for a wide variety of clients. Most of them are classified, but keep scrolling to see some projects that's not!

TV4 Fotbollskanalen

The largest Swedish source of football news needed our expertise to help them build their new app and website. This app has since then won several prices, been nominated to some of Sweden’s most prestigious design awards and been downloaded over 563,000 times!


Sweden’s biggest newspaper and the most visited Swedish website with over 5,700,000 unique visitors a week, needed our expertise to help them combine their quantitative data with qualitative data to better understand their visitors and create new visitor segments. We created 4 real time monitored segments, in the form of behavioral groups, that replaced Aftonbladets old static personas.

HSF, SKL & CeHis

Needed our expertise to increase the attendance to the national preventive cancer control initiative with +5%. Our project identified several touch-points of improvement and developed conceptual solutions. This far, one of these concepts have been implemented, resulting in a +14,4% attendance.


In everything I do, I believe in creating a better world. I believe in creating human value. A better world where every human has time to focus on what matters most. Where the everyday tasks can be solved with services that offers a great experience. I explore the boundaries of different fields of expertise to form refined methods of creating value. Through Design Thinking, I’m exploring and merging the fields of Scenario Planning, Service Design & User Experience Design. I create and enhance services to offer a great customer experience. I secure a valuable delivery by always working in close collaboration with my team and our clients. I believe in making a difference.