Erik Westerdahl

Working professionally in the field of Service Design since 2012 for a wide variety of clients. Always in close collaboration with co-workers and the clients cross-functional teams. Usually in a mixed role of Service Design Lead and Senior Service Designer.


Holistic analytical ability to understand complex services and create detailed and implementable solutions. Specialized in the field of customer and internal insight driven digital service design through Service Design and User Experience Design methods.

Svenska Spel

Sweden’s biggest game company wanted my help to develop a new way of packaging and playing some of their existing products. The focus was on extending the experience of the game, making it as easy as possible, while at the same time provide the freedom to do optional changes. In april 2018, a light version of the new game was released under the name ”Rubbet”.

Team: Erik Westerdahl

Year: 2016

TV4 Fotbollskanalen

The largest Swedish source of football news needed our help to build their new app. The app has since then won several prices, been nominated to some of Sweden’s most prestigious design awards and been downloaded over 600,000 times.

Team: Erik Westerdahl, Anders Jacobsson & Jonas Theder.

Year: 2014-2015


Sweden’s biggest newspaper with 5,700,000+ unique visitors a week, needed our help to create new visitor segments. We combined their quantitative data with qualitative data to better understand their visitors and created 4 real time monitored segments, replacing the old static personas.

Team: Erik Westerdahl, Anna Rising & Rasmus Sellberg.

Year: 2015


A Swedish start-up mobile carrier needed our help to develop a new business model and an app. The development of both were done in close collaboration with Wifog and their customers. It resulted in an sponsored system where the user could gather more cellular data for free by answering surveys, watching ads, shop online and recruit friends.

Team: Erik Westerdahl & Anders Jacobsson.

Year: 2015

HSF, SKL & CeHis

HSF, SKL & CeHiS needed our expertise to increase the attendance to the national preventive cancer control initiative with +5%. Our project identified several touch-points of improvement and developed conceptual solutions. This far, one of these concepts have been implemented, resulting in a +14,4% attendance.

Team: Erik Westerdahl, Anna Grieves & Martin Hanberger.

Year: 2013