Erik Westerdahl

Digital Service Designer

Creating the digital services of the future with Design Thinking, by merging the fields of Service Design and User Experience Design.


Service Design
Holistic analytical ability to understand complex services and identify the clients challenges and opportunities based on customer insights, internal knowledge and collected data.

Concept Design
Specialised in the field of customer & internal insight driven Concept Design, through Service Design & User Experience Design methods, iteration, innovation and prototyping.

Design Thinking
Creating a new area of design expertise by merging the two design principles of Service Design and User Experience Design.

"Erik has a remarkable talent that most of us would only dream of. Where ordinary people’s brains are geared to either a strategic or a detailed mode Erik’s wired differently. He has the unique ability to deliver high level strategic thinking but also zoom into details and high resolution solutions. Erik can effortlessly see patterns in complex information, he is an insanely fast worker, he always seem to be one step ahead."

− Erik Widmark, Senior Service Designer - Transformator Design

"Erik is an outstanding designer with great knowledge and work ethic. He is a great model for others to follow. (...) It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Erik without reservation."

− Griselda Sastrawinata, Visual Development Artist - DreamWorks

"Erik is not afraid of anything. He is really sharp, sees things, acts and executes instantly."

− Pernilla Dahlman, CEO - Screen Interaction

"Erik is always ready to work, always punctual, he is independent, smart, flexible and articulate. He often had to make split second decisions and was always a team player."

− Linn Ullmann, Founder & fmr. Artistic Director - The Bergman Estate Foundation

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