"Erik has a remarkable talent that most of us would only dream of. Where ordinary people’s brains are geared to either a strategic or a detailed mode Erik’s wired differently. He has the unique ability to deliver high level strategic thinking but also zoom into details and high resolution solutions. Erik can effortlessly see patterns in complex information, he is an insanely fast worker, he always seem to be one step ahead."

- Erik Widmark, Business Designer & CX Strategist, Transformator Design

I have a true curiosity for the world around me. I love to explore in different ways; humans through deep conversations, culture through traveling and the heart and mind through poems. I believe in always keep learning in order to create something with a true purpose.

I’m peaceful at heart. At the same time, I have a strange passion for breaking rules through identified loopholes in everyday life. I believe in bending or breaking the status quo in order to create something innovative.

I see the humans around me. I’m a great listener with an ability to connect on a deeper level. I believe in a personal relation with my team and co-workers to help everyone grow through trust, motivation and a transparent work environment.

I’m playful and humoristic. I want to enjoy every moment of my work. At the same time, I’m very professional in my approach to my field of expertise and to my clients. I believe in creating trust amongst my team, co-workers, and clients in order to deliver change.

I have a holistic view on the world around me. I’m trying to connect the dots of everyday life with the technical development, trends and future predictions. At the same time, I can zoom into detailed solutions. I believe in combining different fields of expertise in order to create value. 

I want to explore, learn, break rules, grow, create value, change and enjoy every day of my work with my friends.

In everything I do, I believe in creating a better world, I believe in creating human value.

A better world where every human has time to focus on what matters most. A better world where the everyday tasks can be solved with services that are simple to use and offers a great experience.

I explore the boundaries of different fields of expertise in order to form refined methods of creating value.

I create strategies and tactics based upon insights, trends and analysis. I create and enhance services to offer a great customer experience. I secure a valuable delivery by always working in close collaboration with my team and my clients.

I believe in making a difference, one organisation at a time. One team at a time. 
One service at a time.

Erik Westerdahl

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