Stockholm - 2016

Erik Westerdahl - Senior Service Designer from Sweden working at Daytona for a wide variety of customers. 

A highly driven careerist with a creative mind who loves to be meaningfully stimulated through challenging tasks. A great listener with a big curiosity for humans, committed to make the world a better place, one service at the time. Always thankful towards others and true to his own values. Peaceful at heart but with a strange passion for breaking rules through identified loopholes in everyday life. Humoristic with great charm and an ability to create highly motivated teams and happy co-workers.

Previously worked with Service Design at Transformator Design & Screen Interaction. Published several posts on Service Design and User Experience Design.
Curriculum Vitae: LinkedIn

Latest blogpost.

The Making of TV4 Fotbollskanalen

TV4 Fotbollskanalen, the largest Swedish source of football news, recently updated their website and apps after a collaboration with Screen Interaction. I was part of the team where service design, user experience design and development was closely integrated into a new design process. These are my stories from behind the scenes of the making of the new and improved TV4 Fotbollskanalen. Read more.

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