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The Making of TV4 Fotbollskanalen

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TV4 Fotbollskanalen, the largest Swedish source of football news, recently updated their website and apps after a collaboration with Screen Interaction. I was part of the team where service design, user experience design and development was closely integrated into a new design process. These are my stories from behind the scenes of the making of the new and improved TV4 Fotbollskanalen.

In November 2014, I started working at Screen Interaction. On my very first day, I was assigned as Project Leader and Digital Service Designer to a new project. The second member of the team from Screen Interaction was Anders Jacobsson, working as Service Design Lead in the project. The third member of the team was Creative Director Jonas Theder.

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Merging Service Design with User Experience Design – Pt. 3: The What

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Service Design needs to be merged with User Experience Design in order to deliver great service experiences to the end customer.

The design field is evolving fast. As design is a practice that needs to be adapted to the current playing field, it’s always being updated with new processes to reach a desirable result. It’s a profession in which the designers always try to find new ways of improving their work, and that means being inspired by other professions, ideas and methods.

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Merging Service Design with User Experience Design – Pt. 2: The Why

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An external agency that offers everything from strategy to finished solutions is imperative to help silo-based companies close the gaps in their development processes and deliver great user experiences.

Service design has taken a great leap forward during the last three years. As a direct result of a sudden and rapid development of new technology and self-service solutions as well as a strong trend in customer insight-driven development, digital disruptors have put many established companies in a vulnerable position. On the flip side, some companies have found themselves in a position where they can save great amounts of money and create more efficient processes.

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Merging Service Design with User Experience Design – Pt. 1: The Idea

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A new design process is required to meet human needs in a world of exponential technological growth and a constant increase in customer expectations.

The behavior of customers is changing fast as new products and services are being released to the market at an ever-accelerating pace. We’re becoming more and more digital in everyday life, and our expectations are constantly increasing. Mobile browsing is bypassing desktop computing, and omni-channel experiences are becoming a ”hygiene factor”. Big data is the new “black,” and the Internet of Things is on the verge of breakthrough. New services, connections and products that we could previously only dream about will be created and brought to market within the coming years. In the midst of all this, established companies are fighting hard to stay relevant with old products, services and business models. Companies that decided early on to follow the latest technology trends are suddenly stuck with old, silo-based solutions that are becoming obsolete and costly to maintain.

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"Erik has a remarkable talent that most of us would only dream of. Where ordinary people’s brains are geared to either a strategic or a detailed mode Erik’s wired differently. He has the unique ability to deliver high level strategic thinking but also zoom into details and high resolution solutions. Erik can effortlessly see patterns in complex information, he is an insanely fast worker, he always seem to be one step ahead."

− Erik Widmark, Senior Service Designer - Transformator Design

"Erik is an outstanding designer with great knowledge and work ethic. He is a great model for others to follow. (...) It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Erik without reservation."

− Griselda Sastrawinata, Visual Development Artist - DreamWorks

"Erik is not afraid of anything. He is really sharp, sees things, acts and executes instantly."

− Pernilla Dahlman, CEO - Screen Interaction

"Erik is always ready to work, always punctual, he is independent, smart, flexible and articulate. He often had to make split second decisions and was always a team player."

− Linn Ullmann, Founder & fmr. Artistic Director - The Bergman Estate Foundation